Thursday, 13 March 2014

Opening of LUSH at Gateway Durban

Last night I attended the opening of the first LUSH store in KZN at Gateway Shopping Centre.  It was wonderful to be able to attend with friends - Inge @Inge_Loker and her daughter Emma, Michelle @Ordinary_Misfit , Hazel @beautyshoutbox and Faeema @fayinthemaze.  The event started at 6pm and there was a large group of ladies waiting outside the store to go in.  We gave our names and were given a goodie bag as we entered.  The first thing I noticed was the incredible fragrance from the products - divine!

There was delicious food (Tashas) and fruit juice and sparkling wine to enjoy.  Initially it was extremely crowded in the store and I could hardly move.  I stayed in one place and had something to eat and drink and chatted to a few ladies.  After about 15 minutes I started to move around the store and look at the products.  I was just looking and smelling and it was only later on in the evening that I got to try out the various products.  I was amazed at how much information the shop assistants had on each of the products and how willing they were to show you exactly how to use them.  Both my hands were exfoliated and washed and creamed.  My skin felt and smelt amazing.

There were so many gorgeous products that I could have easily put into the basket and bought straight away, but I am going to take my time deciding exactly what I want.  I also want to go back to the store when it is quieter and take my time looking at all the products again and those that I didn't get a chance to see.

Welcome LUSH!!

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