Sunday, 30 March 2014

Hillcrest Country Market

Laura and I finally went to see the market on Sunday 9 March.  The market is held inside Hillcrest Primary School's hall.  This is also the school that Laura attends so it was funny that we took so long to go and look at it.

This first thing I saw and smelled was freshly made coffee from the Jooma Coffee stand mmmmmm.  Competing with the coffee was the smell of onions and boerewors cooking.  Laura and I walked around outside the hall looking at the various stalls.  I really enjoyed looking at the second hand book stall but unfortunately there were no Nancy Drew books for Laura.

We went inside the hall to see what the stalls were.  There were jams and curds, bags, doll clothes, décor such as cushions, girls dress up clothes, lots of food such as chips, corn dogs, samoosas, wacky waffles on a stick, gorgeous flowers and delicious looking cupcakes.  There were also a few tables where you could sit and eat.

There was even a place where you could have a mini spa experience with a foot or shoulder massage.  If you have small kids there is a lovely place for them to play and you could drink your Jooma coffee while watching them.

I only bought lemon curd, raspberry curd and marmalade.  Laura bought herself one of her favourite foods : Biltong!

We enjoyed our visit and it is great to see that the market has a lot of support.

If you love visiting markets, why not take a drive up to Hillcrest.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Durban Decorex

On Saturday I spent almost the entire day at Decorex with my daughter Laura, sister Carryn and my aunt from Australia Merryl.  Carryn and I were blessed to have won tickets through Plascon and that certainly saved us a lot of money.

We arrived just before Decorex opened at 10am and collected our tickets.  We received our goodie bags which contained a small bag of rice, soap, body cream sample and fabric softner.  Then it was time to get décor overload and we certainly experienced that!!

So wish I had a huge bank balance then I could buy all the items that I loved.

We also sat and listened to Craig Charity (barista champion) tell about making coffee and also demonstrate the different ways to make coffee - very interesting.

Here are pictures of things I loved - enjoy!

St Leger & Viney

St Leger & Viney




Umoya Outdoor Furniture
Thanks Decorex and I hope to see you again next year!!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Rain Africa Blogger Event

I sit here writing this blog post as a soft rain falls outside and the mist covers the hills.  This was not the case on Saturday when a blazing hot sun beat down and the sky was a clear blue.

I fortunately live very close to the gorgeous Makaranga, the place that Rain Africa chose for their event.  What a perfect choice it was as Makaranga has incredible gardens of great beauty.  We were accommodated in a room just off The Library Bar with a large couch and other comfortable chairs. 

I was welcomed by Yusuf and Ryan that own and run the magnificent Rain store in Gateway.  After greeting them and receiving a bound booklet and choosing my lucky draw number, I went to see who was at the event that I knew.  So thrilled to see my friendly blogger friends - Inge, Michelle, Faeema, Verushka and Hazel.  I also met other ladies that I had chatted to on twitter.  On the deck just outside the room a table was set up with fruit juices and delicious sweet treats with two umbrellas offering shade.  At a table was seated Ronelle and Tanya from Rain and they were treating two ladies to an arm massage with the Rain product of their choice.

Inge in bliss

Also attending the event and showcasing their amazing products #drool was Tracy from Tsonga Footwear.

Tsonga Footwear

Yusuf welcomed us all and thanked us for attending the first blogger event organised by Rain.  He explained the programme of events and who was going to talk to us all. 

Ryan then gave us a brief talk about three of the Big 5 oils that Rain uses in their products namely Kalahari Melon, Baobab and Marula.  The other two oils are Mafura Butter and Mongogo Nut.  It is fascinating what nature provides and what Rain makes with these beneficial oils.

Yusuf and Ryan handprints showing us that Rain is truly handmade

Ronelle, who runs the Rain Spa told us a bit about the people who are employed in the Rain factory, truly heartbreaking and inspiring.  Rain Africa was started as a job creation project and they try to help as many people as possible.  They have become a family that loves, cares and supports one another.  Read more about them here :


Tracy from Tsonga Footwear gave us each one shoe sole that we had to attempt to stitch!  It certainly gave us an appreciation for handmade.  She told us where Tsonga sources its materials from and explained that all the shoes are genuine leather.  She was wearing such beautiful boots and told us even though the day was hot her feet were not sweating because genuine leather breathes.

Rain's book on soap making (out in May)

Beautiful cake that Yusuf had made for the event

I'm finding it hard to express how wonderful the day was and how inspiring.  Rain Africa is a company that puts a lot of thought and effort into their products and they care for people and nature.

Thank you again Yusuf, Ryan, Ronelle and Tanya for inviting me to this event and for giving me a greater appreciation for Rain Africa's products.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Opening of LUSH at Gateway Durban

Last night I attended the opening of the first LUSH store in KZN at Gateway Shopping Centre.  It was wonderful to be able to attend with friends - Inge @Inge_Loker and her daughter Emma, Michelle @Ordinary_Misfit , Hazel @beautyshoutbox and Faeema @fayinthemaze.  The event started at 6pm and there was a large group of ladies waiting outside the store to go in.  We gave our names and were given a goodie bag as we entered.  The first thing I noticed was the incredible fragrance from the products - divine!

There was delicious food (Tashas) and fruit juice and sparkling wine to enjoy.  Initially it was extremely crowded in the store and I could hardly move.  I stayed in one place and had something to eat and drink and chatted to a few ladies.  After about 15 minutes I started to move around the store and look at the products.  I was just looking and smelling and it was only later on in the evening that I got to try out the various products.  I was amazed at how much information the shop assistants had on each of the products and how willing they were to show you exactly how to use them.  Both my hands were exfoliated and washed and creamed.  My skin felt and smelt amazing.

There were so many gorgeous products that I could have easily put into the basket and bought straight away, but I am going to take my time deciding exactly what I want.  I also want to go back to the store when it is quieter and take my time looking at all the products again and those that I didn't get a chance to see.

Welcome LUSH!!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What's Been Happening?

Weeelllll I have been busy ...... as usual.  Taking kids, fetching kids, grocery shopping, cleaning house, doing the washing, ironing and donating a large amount of money to fuel my car.

But I had the most wonderful break from the usual when I went out on Saturday to spend time with lovely ladies.  First up was a trip to the wonderful I Heart Market.  I parked at Inge's @inge_loker house and went together with her and her daughter Emma.  We parked in the underground parking at the stadium and walked through to the market.  Inge needed to withdraw some money and while I waited for her I was checking twitter to see if Nadia van der Mescht was at the market.  I look up from my cell and there she is!  So wonderful to finally meet her in person after chatting on twitter.  I love to meet people I have chatted to on twitter.  Inge, Emma and I loved our wander through the market.  I bought 2 x Rondavel soaps and 4 x delicious cupcakes.  Spoke to Sara at The Thrift Collection and Vanessa at Little Mud Hut Designs and a few other people I know.  Debated about buying a beautiful Corningware pot but decided to keep my money for our next stop.

After the I Heart Market we drove through to Umhlanga to Vovo Telo.  It was the first time we had been there so we didn't know where to go.  I'm happy to report that we found our way and a place to park.

Inge, Emma and I got a table and sat down to wait for Hazel @beautyshoutbox and Shirley @cuizinedurban .  Vovo Telo is situated at the Lighthouse Mall Chartwell Drive in Umhlanga.  I had
eaten at a Vovo Telo before when I visited my sister in Jhb and I had high hopes for this one, I wasn't disappointed.  Hazel had been before and she had a few recommendations for us to try from the menu.  By the way, it was a scorcher of a day!!!  But I was determined I was not missing out on coffee.  I started with a glass of water though.  Hazel recommended the "Four Cheese with Crispy Gypsy Ham" pizza type meal so we shared it.  Divine!!!!

No! We didn't just eat!  I promise we talked at lot!!  Next up was some sweetness.  I really wanted to try the Orange Almond cake that my sister had told me about, but unfortunately there wasn't any.  So I had the Almond Friand that Hazel recommended.  I also ordered a cappy to accompany the sweetness.

Absolutely loved the restaurant décor.

What a wonderful morning spent chatting to friends while eating great food.

On Sunday I really wanted to have a sleep in, unfortunately someone decided to walk their dogs very early and woke us up.  I sat in bed and read magazines and hubby was in the kitchen making breakfast.  I didn't know that he had taken chicken livers out the day before, so I was thrilled to discover that he was going to make his delicious saucy spicy chicken livers.  Mmmmmmmmmm.

He makes them perfectly and we have them on toast with a touch of tomato sauce on top.  He also cooked bacon and scrambled eggs as that is what my daughter wanted.

I'm happy to say that I had a quiet Sunday and only did very little ironing.  I also treated my poor feet with Skin Logic Foot Peel.  Had to leave it on for two hours so I kept myself busy looking through my craft magazines.

So that is what was happening!

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