Tuesday, 18 February 2014

"Smitten" Book Launch

I think we have it best down here in Durban with our gorgeous weather and the beach so close, but poor Durban does miss out on the most wonderful events.  My sister Carryn was incredibly fortunate to attend the launch of Sarah Graham's new book "Smitten" on Monday the 10 February at Novel Books. 

We arrived at 10am and nibbled on delicious crunchies and had some coffee while we waited for the launch to start. The comfortable couches and chairs quickly filled up and the owner of Novel Books introduced Sarah to the audience. Sarah had launched her first cookbook, Bitten, at Novel Books two years previously, so she is a familiar face to the bookshop owners.
Sarah spoke about Smitten and how she had received such positive feedback from her last book and with new ideas, she had approached her publishers with the idea of Smitten. They had eagerly agreed and so Smitten began. An interesting fact that she shared was that all the recipes are triple tested by herself once she has perfected them. She also passes the recipes on to family and friends for them to test out and give feedback to her.

After describing some of the process of Smitten, Sarah shared her plans for the future which includes a filmed food safari, and then opened up the floor to questions. There were some delightful and funny questions asked of her, ranging from where to buy the best fish in Johannesburg to who cooks better, her or her husband. (Apparently he is a mean cook!)
It was a delightful morning getting to know such an accomplished cook and author, and interesting to note that she has no formal qualifications and is completely self-taught. I wonder how many others out there have the same drive and passion which could also result in their own cookbooks?
Of course, I could not leave without buying Smitten which she very kindly signed for me. When Nicola next comes to visit me in Johannesburg, I will have to cook a meal from Smitten for her!
Aren't you all green with envy now??  What a wonderful experience.  I can't wait to have that meal, Carryn!!
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