Wednesday, 5 February 2014

REVEALED - What am I Doing?

I like to be an organised person, although when you look at my house sometimes (okay most times) ....... well.  I'm a proud list maker and I love to tick things off when they are done.  Lists can be a problem though if you don't have a dedicated list book or a place to keep it.

So this year I decided that I really need to get my act together and be more organised.  I did a search on Pinterest with the search word "organising" and came up with loads of information.  What caught my eye was a pin "Home Management Binder".  I went to the source and looked at what this was about.  It looks like home management files are very well used in American households as these ladies have to cook, clean, fetch kids etc etc.  Hey! That sounds just like me!!

A Home Management Binder consists of printables for cleaning, menu planning, freezer and pantry inventory, to do lists and a lot more.  I downloaded and saved the printables that were of interest to me.  I did another search on Pinterest and came up with other blogs as well with free printables for home management.

Now I had a lot of printables to go through and decide on which ones I was going to print out!  From the original blog I found via Pinterest I had saved the coloured tabs she used to create her file.  I made my own file dividers with white card and the contact covered tabs.  As you can see I have not labelled my dividers as yet as I need to decide what pages as going to work best for me and in what order.

I love the paper that my file is covered in.  It was bought last year at an open day at Two Acres Tearoom.  It is by Lauriana Designs and it is her Cape-To-Cairo wrap.  She also does notebooks and paper placemats.

The to-do list and a few other pages will be laminated as it will be far easier to wipe off an item when complete as to-do lists can get very messy.

I was in Typo on Saturday and found this Binder Paper Refills which could work in the file for making notes and plus it is so pretty.  I also saw the prettiest file dividers that I would have loved for my file but they were too expensive and I had already made my own.

My home management file also includes our electricity and water readings.  A few years ago I started phoning in our electricity readings as we were constantly paying a guesstimate and they only seem to come every 6 months to read the meter.  When the bill comes I also make a note of how much water we have used.  I always have a stock of stationery at home for the kids as I get asked for new glue or pencils.  So in the file is my school and home stationery list and when an item is given I take it off the list.

When searching on Pinterest I was thrilled to discover a Financial Management Planner.  It is incredibly important to keep track of finances.  I already have a great system in place which I am used to working with but sometimes I can't remember what I spent cash on.  The Daily Expense Tracker will help me with that.  No more getting to the end of the month and wondering what I spent cash on!

So now you know what is was doing!!  Here are the links to some of the sites that I used :

Why don't you make your own home management file??!!


  1. Such a cool idea. I have also downloaded some of the printables. It makes life so much easier.

    1. Thanks Imka! Was so glad to find this on the internet.

  2. This is such a fabulous idea - I think I need to make my own!

  3. Love this post. So many awesome ideas and thank you so much for all the links. I love organising and have a list for everything so this is right up my alley. I often spend more time on making the lists, making it pretty, organising the lists, putting it in order than I would've on the actual 'job' itself. But I love it so I am ok with it.

    Thanks again for the great post!