Monday, 3 February 2014

Oprah in South Africa

I know, I know this event was last year but my dear sister Carryn Paikin was fortunate to be able to attend.  The perk of living in Jhb, hey Carryn!!

Here is a brief review of the event by Carryn.

My dear, beautiful sister Nicola, has given me the wonderful opportunity of being the guest blogger today!

I would love to share with you my exciting day at the #OYouSA event through Oprah Magazine South Africa.

I was most fortunate to be blessed with tickets through Five Roses, who were one of the sponsors on the day.

I arrived at Gallagher Estate, Midrand with my friend Daniella and we were greeted at the door with lanyards and a swing tag which listed the order of events, as well as allowing us a breakfast and lunch each.

We ventured into a massive hall and enjoyed some coffee while looking around at the sponsor’s stands. There was a stand selling Oprah merchandise, a spa giving foot massages, some lovely Five Roses tea to be sample and quite a few more to stands to see.

We enjoyed our breakfast of muffins and snack bar, before proceeding into the main hall which was bedecked in the signature pink. On our chairs was a goody bag, each bursting with free samples and cosmetic delights!

The first speaker was the brilliant Ariane de Bonvoisin, followed by Julie Morgenstern and then RediTlhabi. The ladies shared with us some pearls of wisdom which really got us thinking.

We were then thrilled to see Oprah emerge and as she walked onto the stage she was greeted with thunderous applause! It was exciting to see her and she gave a short talk to the attendees, reminding us to ‘Delight yourself in the Lord’, and that ‘You become what you believe’.

After her talk she had a question and answer session and then it was time to exit for lunch. Our lunch was a large box filled with savoury and sweet treats. Much like our day, we took home a lot of food for thought!

I would love to be able to show you some of the pictures she took of the event and of Oprah herself but I cannot seem to upload them :(

Carryn will be doing another blog post for me about things to see in Jhb.

Don't forget to check back with my blog if you want to find out what I am doing with the file from my previous post.

Happy Monday!!!!

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  1. What a thrilling day & so memorial to be able to see Oprah. Looking forward to seeing the photo's. xx