Friday, 21 February 2014

My Torrid "Affair" with Yuppiechef

I have a confession to make ........... I am in love with Yuppiechef!!  It feels so good to get this in the open and a great weight has been released.  Yuppiechef and I have had five encounters ...... I'm so sorry hubby but I just can't resist.

I first heard about Yuppiechef from Twitter and Facebook and people mentioning this great online store.  But my first encounter came about and was caused by my hubby when he won a voucher.  I went onto the online store and was lost looking at all these divine items.  What would I choose??  It was terrible!!  Ooh I am definitely going to choose this ....... ooh this ....... no no this.............

After much discussion and with hubby guidance I chose these :

Morphy Richards Toaster & Le Creuset Coffee Plunger

On my second encounter with Yuppiechef I chose this :

I HAD to have this Letterpress Cookie Set after seeing it on Sarah Graham's "Bitten" television programme.

My third encounter with Yuppiechef was entirely Sarah Graham's fault!!  I saw the advertising for her online baking course that was being hosted by Yuppiechef.  I did the whole course and I drooled over the fabulous utensils etc that she used.  Also drooled over her fabulous baking.  Was telling hubby about the wonderful recipes and mentioned this incredible electronic scale that Sarah used.  So hubby says "buy it"!  Hey 10 minutes later it was paid for!!

Why did I not buy this sooner??!!  It is incredible to use and has made baking so much easier.

My fourth encounter with Yuppiechef was when I had a R250 voucher to spend, so I put it towards this :

The Le Creuset coffee plunger was lonely!  It had to have a matching coffee canister.
My fifth (and I can't say final) encounter with Yuppiechef was around Valentine's Day.  I made heart biscuits with the Letterpress Cookie Set for my daughter's Valentine's Day bake sale at school (used Sarah Graham's recipe).  I put Be My Valentine and Choose Me on the biscuits.  I tweeted Sarah Graham and Yuppiechef the completed Be My Valentine biscuit and got this reply from Yuppiechef later in the day : "Are you asking us for real? That is a pretty big deal. We can only be one person's Valentine, you know ..."  So in reply I tweeted the picture of my other biscuit that had Choose Me on it.  I thought that was it, fun and laughter.  About 15 minutes later I had a reply of my same biscuit picture but with Choose Me erased and OK put in its place. (wish I could show the picture here but I can't save it)  I replied with LOL and left it at that.
Later on in the afternoon I received a strange phone call.  A lady phoned to check my address for a Yuppiechef delivery.  I said I hadn't ordered anything and she said perhaps it was a gift.  Told hubby all about this weirdness when he got home from work.  The next day was Friday and Valentine's Day and I had a phone call from a delivery company to check exactly where the address was.  They had Durban and I had to say no it is Kloof.  Unfortunately the truck for the Highway area had left already so the delivery was going to be on the Saturday.
At about 10:30am the intercom rang and hubby went to the gate to collect the delivery.  The whole family (2 adults 2 kids) then surrounded the counter in the kitchen to watch me open the parcel.
This is what was inside :

Talk about being blown away!!!  I had such a shocked face hubby came over and gave me a hug.  He has been extremely impressed with all the parcels that have arrived from Yuppiechef but this delivery amazed him too.  What company does something like this out of the blue??!! 

What I also love every time I receive a parcel from Yuppiechef are the cute magnets and postcards with hand written notes.  It makes buying such fun and it is so wonderful to be personally acknowledged.

So now you know all about my torrid "affair".  Are you going to have one too?? 
Here, I will make it easy for you :)

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  1. Wow, that's so cool! I've only bought from them once before and the personal note was a nice touch. There is something I have my eye on though :)