Thursday, 30 January 2014

What Am I Doing??!!


Look out for my upcoming blog post to find out what all this is for.
Maybe you will want to make this for yourself!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Go To Play Market

Last week I was at the doctor who diagnosed a sinus infection, so onto antibiotics I went.  This is the second time in the space of a month that I have been ill which is really irritating me!!  But being sick has not kept me at home, well at least not all the time.  Being sick certainly has stopped me from swimming and I am really worried that I won't be ready for the Midmar Mile.  Anyway .....

On Saturday I managed to get the family out of the house to the Go To Play Market.  The market is situated at Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park.  We had not been to Giba Gorge in years even though it is not too far from us.  I suppose it is a case of living by the sea and never going.

Giba Gorge has certainly changed.  The BMX/bike track was bigger and there was a smaller one for the little kids.  We took Laura's bike along as she was keen to ride.  Oh yes, entrance fees were R10.00 each for non-riders and R15.00 for Laura as a rider (not!).  We parked in the ample parking area and walked down to the buildings and to the open area where the market was.

I must say I was rather disappointed - it was very small.  Maybe because of it being the first market of the year???????????  There was approximately 14 stalls.  Laura and I wandered around the market and the guys went off to look elsewhere.

The Thrift Collection

One of our favourite stalls The Thrift Collection was there.  They also sell at the I Heart Market and online and Laura (me) has bought many clothes from them.  If you like thrifted clothes follow them on Facebook and join in the buying at 8pm every Monday.  The first person to comment gets the item and first time buyers need to give an email address.  They will post your purchases to you.  If you are a Durbanite you can of course also buy from them at the I Heart Market.  We looked through the clothes and I suggested various items, but Laura has her own ideas so nothing found this time.

Laura wanted pancakes so I bought her two.  No other stalls caught our eye.  There was coffee, about 3 food stalls, strawberry coolers, flowers, cute baby crochet items, really sweet little girls tutu dresses, lamps, plants, tepee tents .......

Giba Cafe

The guys came back from wherever they had been and we decided to have coffee at The Giba CafĂ©.  I have to be honest the coffee was okay but I ate the cheesecake I ordered with long teeth.  I ate about half and gave the rest to hubby.  The strawberry milkshakes the kids had were really nice but expensive.  Laura had a toasted cheese sarmie and Caleb had a plate of chips.  It was nice sitting and watching people and the little ones on their bikes.  Before we left (I'm sure you realise by now that Laura did not ride) Laura and I looked through the gallery shop which has a lot of lovely things.

So my conclusion ........ it was a lovely family outing but I was disappointed that my market fix was not satisfied.