Tuesday, 31 December 2013

I Wrap Up The Year

Hello everyone!  After quite a break with the Festive season I decided that I had better do a blog post to round out the year.

It has been an interesting and exciting year.  I turned 40, my son 16 and my hubby 50.  Next year my daughter will be 13! 

I have made new friends this year and even met them!  It sounds so funny to say that, but that is social media.  I have stepped out of my comfort zone and attended wonderful functions and started blogging.

I made a decision this year that I was tired of sitting at home, doing the housework and fetching kids only.  I needed to see and meet new people.  Life has become a lot more interesting and a lot busier too!

I must thank my incredible hubby, Neil for all the support he has given me.  He truly stands with me and is not fazed at all with his wife's gallivanting.  He even asked me two days ago when I had last done a blog post.

This new year promises to be a year of more fun, laughter and blessings - at least I intend it to be!

I have entered the Midmar Mile and I must confess that I am scared!  It is a long way to swim and I have not done any training recently.  Our cruise, then flu, then Christmas and now I have about a month to get ready.

Over the years (actually since Laura was born) I have wanted to lose weight and as usual have done nothing.  I am hoping that in 2014 I can achieve some weight loss.  I never make new year's resolutions as I would never keep them.  I think I should rather set myself some goals to achieve as I have proved to myself already this year that I can.

So that is my short and final blog post for this year of 2013.

May God give all of you great blessings in 2014.


  1. Lovely post! All the best for 2014! xxx

  2. Such a great post. Happy to hear all about these new adventures. You are so brave to swim Midmar - it's something I am too afraid to take on. Best of luck for 2014! x