Sunday, 10 November 2013

Traffic and Other Things

Hello again!  I haven't blogged for over a week now so I need to write while I can.

I am sick sick sick of traffic!!  A bridge in Hillcrest was damaged by the heavy rain more than a week ago and this has caused incredible chaos on the smaller roads.  One of those roads is the one I use to take my son to high school.  Everyday I either have to take the long way around or sit in traffic, I can't escape.  My fuel consumption is terrible. 

Fortunately and unfortunately my son started exams this last week Thursday.  Fortunately as I miss one traffic chaos in the afternoons now as he comes out early.  Unfortunately as I barely drop him off at school and I am going back to fetch him. Exams finish on the 27 November and as he is in Grade 10 now, he has quite a few to write.

I have also been trying to swim everyday for at least half an hour.  Laura (my daughter) and I are registered to swim in the Sunday Tribune Capital K fun race (500m) on Sunday 24 November.  This is in preparation for us to swim the Midmar Mile next year.  The Capital K is also held at Midmar Dam so I will be able to experience the dam before next year.  Laura swam the Midmar and Golden Miles this year.  I watched really old ladies swim the Midmar Mile so I decided if they could swim and finish then so could I.  It is going to be very interesting.

I cannot believe how this year has flown by and Christmas holidays are only a few weeks away.  This year we have decided as a family that we are not buying any gifts for adults, only kids.  My kids want money and Laura said she would like a few small wrapped gifts.  I need to go visit a toy shop to get something for my nephew Joshua.  I had better do it early before gift buying chaos starts.

I also need to decide what we are going to have for Christmas lunch and what will be baked.  No fruit cake this year as I have made fruit cakes every year since I got married.  This would have been my nineteenth year of making.  This has been a year of doing different things so I am going to make something other than fruit cake.

I was very privileged to be in the November issue of Your Family magazine.  I was approached through Facebook and asked if I would like to be featured in their All About Me section.  So of course I said yes, what fun!

So that is the basic round up of what is happening.  Today I have washing, ironing and my car to clean, so I had better get started.


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