Friday, 29 November 2013

Testing the Waters for Midmar Mile

I suppose people that I have met for the first time would never believe that I was/can be a very reserved person who keeps to herself.  I turned 40 in May and wow has life changed.  Meeting lovely ladies from Twitter, starting a blog, attending functions and mingling with fairly well known people.

I also made a decision this year that I would swim the Midmar Mile 2014.  My 12 year old daughter Laura swam it this year and I watched these really old women make it to the end.  One lady was over 80!!  So that is when is decided that I could do it to.

To test the waters Laura and I swam the Capital K 500m fun race at Midmar Dam on Sunday.  I needed to experience the conditions of swimming in the dam.  Well it was a HUGE eye opener!!  Swimming 500 metres was not easy.  I really battled to get to the first buoy, but I was determined I was going to finish.  Hubby says I was swimming too fast.  There was this awful smell of fuel, so every time I took a breath it was there.  We also experienced a few waves and I needed to take two strokes to get through which was extra tiring.

The  most important thing was that I reached the end and now I know what to expect next year.  I am going to have to train very hard to make sure that I am ready.

Here are a few pictures of Laura and I at the Capital K.  I am being very brave by putting these pictures up of me in a costume!!

Before the race
At the start

Entering the water

I made it!!

Just out of the water

 My question to whoever reads this post is : What are you going to do to challenge yourself??


  1. Awesome blog post - what an achievement! I think everyone should step up and challenge themselves!

  2. Woohooo so loved this!! Isn't that just the best feeling ever? What training program are you doing for midmar?

  3. Well Done! My challenge is to just keep writing my blog��

  4. You are very brave. I could never do it! Well done. x

  5. Well done you! I am really proud of you!