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Everyone knows about reduce, reuse, recycle.  I am sure most of the country has 3 or more bins for their glass, tins, plastic and paper.  We take our tins and glass to the recycling depot and our municipality collects the plastic and paper once a week.  Upcycling can be reusing an item for a different purpose or buying items no longer wanted or needed by others.

I LOVE to shop at charity shops with my favourite being the Kloof & Highway SPCA.  I love to scratch through peoples unwanted items and I have found fabulous things.  I sort of like Corningware okay okay I LOVE Corningware and I buy when I find it.  My daughter Laura looks through the clothing to find interesting outfits.  Charity shops are a treasure trove.

Now taking this a step further than reduce, reuse and recycle.  There is a highly talented couple who make gorgeous jewellery out of silver cutlery.  Cutlery!!

I cannot remember the first time I either heard or saw this jewellery but I have been following them on Twitter and Facebook for a while.  Finally got to meet them at their stall at the Sunday Tribune Garden Show.

They are Ryan and Liesa Rollin and together they are Rollin Vintage. 

"We are a married couple that share a love of old things, especially neglected bric-a-brac. Finding antique/vintage/retro items is like going on a treasure hunt and uncovering someone else's forgotten/parted loved pieces. We love hunting in little antique shops, markets, Hospice, SPCA and any place we see we can lay our hands on. I (Liesa) have always loved antique cutlery and I have collected it throughout the years. Ryan has always been creative and puts his mind and hands to anything, being self taught in many trades. We both have been involved in the arts with Liesa studying fine arts and Ryan studying Jazz. Together we have put our love for these items together by up cycling antique cutlery into wearable jewellery.
This idea has been around for years but we have put our own twist on it, excuse the pun, and have searched the whole of South Africa to find unique and special pieces to bring to you. 
Each piece of jewellery, is sourced by us and hand crafted with attention to detail and care. Each piece is unique and has its own story." 

See! I am not the only one who loves to charity shop.

The above was taken from their blog

Ryan and Liesa Rollin

Beautiful Rings
This was a fork!
Maybe you have your grandmother or great-grandmother's silver cutlery lying around in a draw or at the top of a cupboard.  Look what beautiful items can be made.

They are based in Durban and supply a few shops in and around the city and also sell at markets.  If you love what you see from the pictures above - contact them.  I am sure they would be more than happy to send you one of their gorgeous items if you are not in Durban.  Christmas is coming!!

074 507 7558





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  1. Okay so I just love love love all those rings ...silver is my thang and I am so for upcycling.
    Fab post Nicola , thanks x x x h