Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Social Media Overload

Super Pretty #Fluffy Clouds

A few months ago Ideas Magazine offered a bundle pack of their magazine and an international publication called Flow.  I subscribe to Ideas but I could not resist buying the bundle from CNA when I saw it.

Recently I found Flow when I was doing some tidying up and read through it again.  Inside on page 124 was an incredible article "Super Pretty #Fluffy Clouds".  The article was about how we are so caught up in social media by tweeting, facebooking, instagramming etc that we don't experience events with our own senses.

Remember when you were very young and you lay on your back in the grass and looked for shapes in the clouds.  You lay back relaxed and pointed out the shapes, enjoyed the moment and the clouds changed.  Why do we never do that anymore?  We are so driven to share experiences and to prove that we are having fun.  Social media makes that instinct more immediate. 

We are experiencing life through a viewfinder, capturing memories which we store on our computers and the pictures never get printed.  Capturing memories has become more important than having an actual experience.  We look at life and say "this would be great to share on Facebook or let me tweet about it".  I find that I am so guilty of this.

If we are constantly on the lookout for something interesting to share, we are leaving no room to really experience the moment.  We need to feel what is happening through touch, smell, taste or by dancing, laughing or crying.  It is only when we feel, that we have truly lived an experience.

Are you sharing so that others can enjoy the beautiful things you see or to project the right image of yourself?

We need to "unplug" ourselves from our social media and go out and experience life.  Don't worry social media will be there when you get back.  Surrender yourself to an experience without taking out your camera or sharing about it.

I am going to make time this weekend and lie on the grass and watch the clouds, even if it is just for a few minutes.  Guaranteed to be jumped on by the dogs!  I don't know if I have ever lain back and looked at the clouds with my kids (how terrible is that).  It is time for me to go through the photos on my computer and choose the ones I want printed.  What use are those photos if they are never looked at?  It is going to take me quite a while to do this as I have years of photos.

So my challenge to all who read this post.................. Go out for a walk, smell the flowers and don't share about it!

Issue 2


Issue 1 of the magazine is available as a free download for iPads.

Please Note : Some words and sentences were taken from Flow Magazine Issue 2 on page 124 from the article Super Pretty #Fluffy Clouds

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  1. Great post and so true! I miss being young and playing outside for hours and just living - no stress and no social media. I also dream of a holiday where I am 'unplugged' from the world. Hope to make that a reality soon! x