Saturday, 19 October 2013

Liebster Award

The lovely Verushka from recently awarded my very new blog with a Liebster Award.  Thank you so much Verushka!

The Following are the rules to how the Liebster Award works :

Link back to the blogger that awarded you.
Answer the questions of the blogger that awarded you.
Nominate ten others.
Ask ten questions of the bloggers you award.
Let the bloggers know of their award.

Here are the questions that Verushka asked :

1. What inspired you to start blogging? It was an out of the blue thing for me.  I was going to places and seeing interesting things and felt that I needed to write about it so Run On Coffee was born
2. Your blog is about? No set thing.  I blog about where I go or what I see
3. Have you written blog posts anywhere else besides your own blog? Not as yet
4. What are you currently reading? Very sad to say that I have not picked up a book in months, only been reading magazines
5. Facebook vs Twitter? Twitter!
6. Where are most of your readers based? SA
7. As a blogger are you invited to media launches? Have only been to the SA Bloggers launch
8. What has been the highlight of your blogging career? Just getting the blog going and making time to post!
9. The best part of blogging is? Meeting new people
10. How often do you blog each month? Approximately eight times

These are the blogs I am nominating - I think some of them are probably re-nominations.


Here are my questions :

1. What shop can you just not walk past, you HAVE to go in?
2. Do you have siblings?
3. Are you a coffee and cake person or a tea and scone person?
4. Mug or tea cup and saucer?
5. Local or international holiday?
6. Ice cream or frozen yoghurt?
7. Movies at home or at the cinema?
8. Would you adopt an animal from the SPCA?
9. Where do you do most of your grocery shopping?
10.Were you cool at school?

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