Thursday, 31 October 2013

Market Mania

It is incredible the amount of markets that are on this weekend and I know that there are going to be many more in the run up to Christmas.

Here are the markets that I know of for this weekend :

First up is the Deutsche Schule Durban situated at 34 Stafford Road in Cowies Hill.  They are having their annual Christmas market on Friday 1 November from 5pm - 9pm.  There will be Christmas decorations, cards, arts and crafts, books, jewellery, meat products, bread and Christmas cookies plus a lot more on sale.  There are authentic German treats on sale such as schnitzels and Christmas cakes.  Coffee and wine bar for the adults and the children can look at the many child friendly stores.  Entrance is free and visitors are very welcome. 031-2671307

Pinehaven Retirement Complex is having their fete on Saturday 2 November from 8am - 2pm at Christ Church in Pinetown 15 Meller Road.  They have needlework, various art pieces, jewellery, cakes, books, white elephant and raffles.  There will also be a tea garden and various other foods on sale.  Parking with car guards will be available on the Christ Church grounds.  Contact Ann 031-7017873.

One of my most favourite markets is of course the I Heart Market which is at the Moses Mabhida Stadium this Saturday.

Roseway Waldorf School has its monthly Natural and Organic Market on Saturday 2 November from 10am - 2pm at the school D435 Alverstone.  Veggies, food and crafts on sale and lots of craft activities for the kids. Contact Shelly 0836791203

Okay, I am still not done!

Crowhurst's annual Christmas market is on Saturday and Sunday.  I have never been to this even though I stay about 3km's away.  I know I know it is SHOCKING!  I have heard that it is a beautiful market.

Hillcrest Country Market it having their very first market this Sunday at the Hillcrest Primary School hall, corner of Emoyeni and Hospital Road in Hillcrest.  They are going to be a monthly market held on the first Sunday of the month.  They will be having extra markets for the festive season on the 8 and 22 December.  This is a market for good quality homemade goods with the charm of a country market.

Last and certainly not least :

The market with the beautiful view - The Meeting Tree. 

So that is my round up of markets.  I would like to pop in at the Pinehaven fete and I am definitely going to I Heart Market on Saturday.  Not sure if I will get to any other markets.
Why don't you find out what markets are on in your city or area for this weekend.  Support and buy local!!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Favourite Things @ Talloula

I was invited to the Friday preview evening by Venessa Matthews of Little Mud Hut Designs and I gave a lift to Lee-Anne from Hello Pretty @helloprettysa

Wow! Blown away by the most gorgeous venue and the incredible talent of KZN creatives.  I know about the Talloula venue and I did go to the fair last year, but this time it was so amazing.  For the first time I also went to look at Talloula's Treat Café and I definitely need to go with a friend for coffee there.  Talloula staff served us with a welcoming homemade lemonade and the most delicious snacks.

These are just a few of the pictures I took :

Treat Café
A look inside Treat Café
Pretty notebooks and pencil from Little Mud Hut Designs

Christmas tags from Little Mud Hut Designs
Anna-Louise Sleepwear

Genevieve Motley

Genevieve Motley

Talloula shop

Genevieve Motley
Venessa Matthews - Little Mud Hut Designs
Anna-Louise Sleepwear

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Social Media Overload

Super Pretty #Fluffy Clouds

A few months ago Ideas Magazine offered a bundle pack of their magazine and an international publication called Flow.  I subscribe to Ideas but I could not resist buying the bundle from CNA when I saw it.

Recently I found Flow when I was doing some tidying up and read through it again.  Inside on page 124 was an incredible article "Super Pretty #Fluffy Clouds".  The article was about how we are so caught up in social media by tweeting, facebooking, instagramming etc that we don't experience events with our own senses.

Remember when you were very young and you lay on your back in the grass and looked for shapes in the clouds.  You lay back relaxed and pointed out the shapes, enjoyed the moment and the clouds changed.  Why do we never do that anymore?  We are so driven to share experiences and to prove that we are having fun.  Social media makes that instinct more immediate. 

We are experiencing life through a viewfinder, capturing memories which we store on our computers and the pictures never get printed.  Capturing memories has become more important than having an actual experience.  We look at life and say "this would be great to share on Facebook or let me tweet about it".  I find that I am so guilty of this.

If we are constantly on the lookout for something interesting to share, we are leaving no room to really experience the moment.  We need to feel what is happening through touch, smell, taste or by dancing, laughing or crying.  It is only when we feel, that we have truly lived an experience.

Are you sharing so that others can enjoy the beautiful things you see or to project the right image of yourself?

We need to "unplug" ourselves from our social media and go out and experience life.  Don't worry social media will be there when you get back.  Surrender yourself to an experience without taking out your camera or sharing about it.

I am going to make time this weekend and lie on the grass and watch the clouds, even if it is just for a few minutes.  Guaranteed to be jumped on by the dogs!  I don't know if I have ever lain back and looked at the clouds with my kids (how terrible is that).  It is time for me to go through the photos on my computer and choose the ones I want printed.  What use are those photos if they are never looked at?  It is going to take me quite a while to do this as I have years of photos.

So my challenge to all who read this post.................. Go out for a walk, smell the flowers and don't share about it!

Issue 2

Issue 1 of the magazine is available as a free download for iPads.

Please Note : Some words and sentences were taken from Flow Magazine Issue 2 on page 124 from the article Super Pretty #Fluffy Clouds

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Liebster Award

The lovely Verushka from recently awarded my very new blog with a Liebster Award.  Thank you so much Verushka!

The Following are the rules to how the Liebster Award works :

Link back to the blogger that awarded you.
Answer the questions of the blogger that awarded you.
Nominate ten others.
Ask ten questions of the bloggers you award.
Let the bloggers know of their award.

Here are the questions that Verushka asked :

1. What inspired you to start blogging? It was an out of the blue thing for me.  I was going to places and seeing interesting things and felt that I needed to write about it so Run On Coffee was born
2. Your blog is about? No set thing.  I blog about where I go or what I see
3. Have you written blog posts anywhere else besides your own blog? Not as yet
4. What are you currently reading? Very sad to say that I have not picked up a book in months, only been reading magazines
5. Facebook vs Twitter? Twitter!
6. Where are most of your readers based? SA
7. As a blogger are you invited to media launches? Have only been to the SA Bloggers launch
8. What has been the highlight of your blogging career? Just getting the blog going and making time to post!
9. The best part of blogging is? Meeting new people
10. How often do you blog each month? Approximately eight times

These are the blogs I am nominating - I think some of them are probably re-nominations.


Here are my questions :

1. What shop can you just not walk past, you HAVE to go in?
2. Do you have siblings?
3. Are you a coffee and cake person or a tea and scone person?
4. Mug or tea cup and saucer?
5. Local or international holiday?
6. Ice cream or frozen yoghurt?
7. Movies at home or at the cinema?
8. Would you adopt an animal from the SPCA?
9. Where do you do most of your grocery shopping?
10.Were you cool at school?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Pretty Packaging

I am sure I am not the only woman who loves when things are packaged prettily.  How many times have you bought something just because it was in a beautiful package??

Today I am going to shine a spotlight on a very talented lady who designs items so that you can package a gift prettily.

Her name is Venessa Matthews and her business is called Little Mud Hud Designs.

Little Mud Hut Designs is a Durban-based homegrown company specializing in handcrafted gifts and accessories.  They produce a range of items including peg sets (stamped and painted), tags, jar vinyls and all things gifting.
Venessa is an incredibly talented woman who has designed for American Crafts, ScrapBook Inspirations Magazine (UK),  PaperCraft Inspirations Magazine (UK) and You Can Craft Magazine (UK).
She has a table at the I Heart Market and I took these photos of her gorgeous things on Saturday.
New sewing room jar vinyls
Beautiful for a gift
Jar vinyls
Tags for teachers (end of year coming soon)

I love her colours and there are tags and stickers for all occasions.  My favourite items are the jar vinyls.  Don't you hate to send some of those pretty jars to recycling and you wonder what you could possibly use them for.  Venessa makes wonderful jar vinyls that you can use to label your jars with or to fill with something special to give to a friend. 

These are my jars :

I filled these tomato sauce bottles with Woolworths chocolate balls

South Africa has a wealth of talent and we must support our local businesses and art and craft people.

Venessa will have a Christmas range of tags and vinyls.

Please contact Venessa Matthews to make your gifts beautiful!!


Monday, 7 October 2013

I Heart Market


On Saturday I went with my daughter Laura to my favourite market - the I Heart Market in Durban.  This is the market that showcases the talented people of Durban. The market consists of art, crafts, new and second hand clothing, second hand furniture, food etc etc etc. I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves as to the fabulousness of this market.  Enjoy!!

Moses Mabhida Stadium

Beautiful old bottles
One of the beautiful trees and Laura's favourite food place Afros Chicken

Clothing designers and records are under this tree

New clothes

Bottom tent

Inside the bottom tent

Lawn area

Rollin Vintage new item
Rollin Vintage new items (pendants)

Rollin Vintage pendant

Rollin Vintage pendants

Rollin Vintage pendants

If you are local and have not been to this market - ??????????????????

If you are not local and come down on holiday, put this on your calendar.  The market takes place the first Saturday of every month. 

Follow I Heart Market on Facebook to keep up to date on new vendors and other interesting information.