Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Meeting Tree

This morning my hubby and I went to The Meeting Tree market which happens on the first day of every month weather permitting.  What a perfect way to celebrate the first day of Spring.  Incredible weather - blue skies and sunny.  The Meeting Tree is held on a farm with the most amazing view of the Shongweni Dam.  It is a small market with about 15 traders and they also have a jazz band that plays.

Shongweni Dam

Today I bought washi tape and 2 x stamps from Eye Candi and then 3 x bars of soap from Rondavel.  I bought Rondavel's new Juniper Pine soap and 2 x Milk & Honey.

About Rondavel : Handmade soap & balm in KZN Midlands. They use only natural, sustainable & local ingredients to make nourishing products. Their packaging is biodegradable or reusable.  Look for Rondavel on Facebook.  You can also find them at their new shop : Shop 3 The Junction Nottingham Road.

I wish I could attach the smell of their soap to this post.

Kate from Rondavel

As you can see the market is held under the pine trees with bunting strung between.  Before we left we bought chicken strips and strips & tjips from Afro's Chicken.  Hubby and I shared the strips & tjips (chips) and we took the strips home for Laura.  We also had a refreshing homemade lemonade.

Was so relaxing I really didn't feel like doing any work at home.  Unfortunately two cars were in need of a wash and vacuum and I still have to sort through the ironing basket.

I had better get the coffee brewing ................

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