Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Exhaustion of Gateway

I have just returned (okay so more than an hour ago) from a trip to Gateway with my two kids.  Very grateful that it was just the two of them and no friends, otherwise I would not be writing this post (collapsed on bed would have been it).  Mmmm which would have been difficult as I washed the bedding early this morning and have yet to make the bed.

Firstly we took a trip to our local petrol station to give the car a very expensive drink.  Then it was on the road and negotiating crazy drivers and other slow vehicles in the fast lane.  I'm thankful to say we arrived at our destination with driver, passengers and Mr T (the car) intact.  Oh yes! We had to wait through FOUR robots to get through the main intersection before Gateway - FOUR!!!  I was of course thrilled at the wasting of the expensive diesel that I had just put in.

Okay! You are all ready for what we did??

First stop when entering was to go to CNA.  This was Caleb's request as he wanted to look at an xbox game and controller that was on special.  I will put you out of your misery, we did buy it later after he had got the go ahead from Neil.  We are keeping it for his birthday - 16!!!!!!!!! At the end of October.

Next it was up to the arcade area.  Caleb went action karting and Laura went on this 4D theatre experience thing.  Then it was Wakaberry!! We sat down for that and it was delicious.  Neil has been working at Gateway upgrading/changing the fire detection system and has meetings at Gloria Jeans (coffee).  Unfortunately he wasn't there today but he did give me his frequent sipper card which was full so I got a free coffee!!! *Cue music here*  I chose a delicious Café Mocha - yummy.

Then we looked in Mr Price Home, BT Games and I paid in money into a Nedbank account (The Thrift Collection on Facebook - clothes that Laura chose).  I managed to get into Rain Africa and I think I must have spent about 30 minutes there.  Oooohhh lovely aromas.  I bought  a diffuser fragrance and a hand cream to keep in my bag and another item of which I cannot say as i'm including it in Imka's #bandwagonbox.  Was fantastic as I got R25.00 off my purchase with the voucher I received from #CookieSwap3. The kids went to look in Musica while I was in Rain.  Then they decided that they wanted McDonald's - they paid with their money.

After McDonald's Caleb went to look in Mr Price Sport and Sportsman's Warehouse.  Then I had Laura begging and begging me to take her back up to the arcade area as she wanted to go on the bumper cars.  So we walked and walked back up there. Shew!!  She went by herself on a bumper car and enjoyed herself so much she had to go again.  The second time she got her brother to also go.  Then Caleb and I had Wakaberry again.  By that time I had sore feet and wanted to go home.  Managed to get the kids out, paid parking and left.

Got through the crazy traffic again and was going to come straight home but remembered we needed milk and other items.  So we had to stop at our favourite Superspar in Kloof. 

Finally, finally arrived home.

So that was the exhaustion of Gateway and now I need to get new bedding out of the cupboard and to get the washed bedding off the washline.  A mother's work never ends.

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  1. Wow, sound like you had blast... A long day, but a blast none the less!