Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rugby - Sharks vs Bulls

Last week our local paper Hillcrest Fever was running a competition on their Facebook page for tickets to the rugby.  We are cricket lovers but we do keep up to date with how the Sharks are faring and we do watch the Springboks.  So I mentioned to my son about the competition and he said to enter, so I did.  The winning names were announced on Friday and I was one of the winners.  I thought that it was for two tickets but when my hubby collected them we discovered it was four.  I expected hubby and son to take another dad and son with, but no, hubby insisted that Laura and I go with.

We left home at 3:30pm and kick off was at 5:05pm.  Got great parking with a car guard and took a short walk to the stadium.  Navigated the ramps and levels and found our seats which were behind the posts opposite the big screen.  We were hardly there and the ice cream seller came around. So the kids chose Rolo ice cream R30 in total.  Got my R100 out but the guy said he had no change and would come back. 

Watched the Flasher girls, the Sharkettes and then Sharkie lead the Sharks onto the field.  Laura had brought a book with to read as she was not keen on the rugby.  The book never came out!  Laura hung on my arm and was screaming when the Sharks got the ball.  We had a brilliant try scored right in front of us.  We also loved watching the antics of the crowd.  The kids went and bought chip 'n dip which hubby and I stole from.  We were so glad the Sharks won.  Such an enjoyable outing and the weather was incredible. 

The kids were keen to have Mcflurry's but we decided to drive past Wakaberry in Florida Road to see if they were open.  They were, which was a surprise.  The only problem was no parking.  Neil drove up and down about four times then we gave up.

Decided to see if Wakaberry in Kloof was open and it was!  Their opening times are 9am - 9pm.  So the kids and I got Wakaberry deliciousness.  What a great way to end a great evening.

Oh yes ....... the ice cream seller never came back! ?????????????

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  1. Typical ice cream seller trick. Sorry for your loss! But glad you had an awesome time with family!