Sunday, 22 September 2013

No Kids

Neil and I have been having a honeymoon!!  Well at least a mini one.  Schools closed on Friday and Caleb left for a cricket tour with the first team to Eshowe.  I wasn't sure how long I would be at Caleb's school getting his bag to him, so my parents fetched Laura from school.

After dropping off his things I went to Hillcrest Corner to spend my thank you points from Edgars, was not going to waste those!  I bought Laura the new Barbie DVD and got R52.00 off it.  Then I went to Red Square and spent the R105.00 in thank you points on two items and only had to pay in R35.00.

Then I went to have lunch with my parents and drop off Laura's bag as she was going to stay the night.  My sister was also arriving from Jhb with her son Joshua and he would be thrilled to see his cousin.  I came home and did some washing and the house was so quiet.  When Neil came home from work he was keen to go get something to eat but we didn't know where.  He thought maybe a burger and I was just going to leave it up to him to decide.  We headed into Hillcrest and Neil decided on Mugg & Bean but at the last moment changed his mind and drove into Hillgate Centre.  There is a restaurant there called Papa Giovanni's that we have seen from the road but never thought of trying.  So we decided to give it a try.

It was a chilly rainy night and their storm blinds were closed so we had to unzip to get in.  It was warm inside and only two tables were taken.  We sat against a wall at a two seater table and a very friendly waiter gave us the menu.  Neil and I don't drink alcohol, just a personal choice, so we ordered our favourite Appletiser.  Now to decide what to eat.  An extensive menu with starters, pizzas, pastas, chicken and meat options.  We decided to have a starter, My Goodness!! A meal on it's own!!  I had a Prawn Trio (No! not three prawns) garlic prawn tails topped with a creamy cheddar & parmesan sauce grilled with mozzarella and served with pita bread.  Neil ordered Calamari Rings in a light creamy garlic and paprika sauce and also served with pita bread.  The waiter brought our starters and they were served in small deep bowls.  Sorry no photos did not expect to enjoy the food so much!  I promise to take photos next time and there will be a next time.  When we ordered the starters we had also ordered our mains.  Neil had asked the waiter what pizza he liked and he said the Peperoncini (mozzarella, chicken, bacon, feta and sweet chilli sauce).  I felt like lasagne so I had ordered beef lasagne.  Well! After having our starters we were quite full.  There was fortunately a bit of a break between the starters and mains so we could relax.  We were amazed at the amount of pizzas going out the door as take-aways.  Ten boxes then four boxes then six boxes.  The funny thing is that a Scooters Pizza is two shops down.  So Neil had high hopes for his pizza and I am glad to tell you it lived up to his expectations.  Thin crispy base with lots of toppings and an incredible taste.  My lasagne came to the table still bubbling it was so fresh.  A really good lasagne of which I was only able to have a quarter of since I was too full from the starter.  Neil managed to have nearly all his pizza only three slices left.  Would have loved to try the pudding but alas no room.  A fabulous meal in a fabulous cosy restaurant.

So that was our Friday night and it was home to tea, watch news and bed in a very quiet house.

Saturday morning did not dawn bright and clear.  In fact it was still chilly and rainy.  We had a wedding to attend in Durban, a guy that works with Neil.  We left home just after 9:30am and the wedding was set to start at 10:30am.  It was held at Glenwood Community Church in Glenwood Durban.  A lovely ceremony and we really enjoyed the pastor who reminded Neil and I of our wedding over 19 years ago. They had an intimate gathering after the service in the church hall with delicious snacks which Neil took advantage of.  He does love good snacks!  We mostly chatted to the other company people but I did go talk to the pastor and to the bride's brother who lives in Dundee where I lived for a couple of years in my youth.  (That make me sound ancient "in my youth").  We left after 12pm and I pleaded with Neil to take me to Alles.  It is a second hand shop in an old house in Davenport Road.  Caron the woman who owns the shop has a beautiful range of furniture and other things.  I had a lovely look around but didn't buy anything.  There were also an extensive range of second hand clothes that I will have to take Laura to see.

We headed home to feed dogs and decide whether we would attend the rugby or not.  Cold and rainy would not be good for live rugby watching.  I had won two tickets for this match so it was not that we would be wasting money if we didn't go.  We were home for about 30 minutes and Neil said we should just chance it and see what happens weather wise.  I changed out of my wedding finery and into warm pants and jacket.  We also took a blanket with.  I'm very glad that we decided to go as we had so much fun and laughter.  The game was good and the Sharks played well.  But the best part was watching the crowd.  The Natal Mounted Rifles band was in the stand above us with their instruments and in their kilts.  The Military Tattoo was also this weekend so they must have headed there after the game.  Every time the Sharks scored a try they would play a song and the Sharks scored often! 

Our favourite person to watch was a crazy Cheetah fan.  He was sitting on a chair close to the field with a beer jug in one hand and a microphone in the other.  It was take a drink of beer then "commentate" into the microphone.  When the beer was finished he would gaze forlornly into the bottom of the jug and then look around and call to people that it was empty.  People would then donate beer to him and he was happy again.  When women walked past him he would also get up and copy their walk.  Neil and I could not stop laughing.  A fun game and crowd and the Sharks won!!

Back to our quiet house and we had Papa Giovanni's leftovers for supper.

Presenting the crazy Cheetah fan..........


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