Thursday, 5 September 2013

Love to Bake

Yesterday I attended the Good Housekeeping Love to Bake Workshop hosted by Tina Bester (Queen of Tarts).  The workshop was sponsored by Clicks and Moirs and was held at The Benjamin Boutique Hotel.  The workshop cost R185.00.

The Benjamin Hotel was founded in 1896 and has 41 double rooms.  It has two conference rooms "Big Ben" and "Little Ben".  It is situated at 141 Florida Road, a bustling vibey road with art galleries, quirky décor shops, restaurants and fashion boutiques.  The Moses Mabhida stadium is about 5 minutes away. 

Inge Loker of Snap, Sizzle & Cook and I came together. It is so much more fun when you know someone at an event.  We were warmly welcomed and filled out our subscription form for our FREE (yes!!) six month subscription to the Good Housekeeping magazine.

We made our way through to where the workshop was being held.  The most delicious eats were being served as well as tea, coffee and fruit juices.  Barely through the door of the workshop area when I heard someone call "Nicola!!"  I looked around to discover that Faeema was also there.  What a lovely surprize!!  So now we were even more merrier.  As we enjoyed the drinks and snacks we felt like celebrities, there were photos being taken (by Val Adamson) and even a guy filming.  A lady from Good Housekeeping (sorry didn't get the name) asked us if we could be filmed answering questions.  NO NO from Faeema and I but Inge was keen so she agreed.  Well little did Faeema and I know!!  We ended up being pushed into doing it to.  So now I can cross being interviewed off my list - no it wasn't on!  We also met Shirley Berko an incredible food blogger.

We were welcomed to the workshop by Carmen Clegg of Good Housekeeping and then by Snowy Kruger from Moirs.  Then it was time to Love to Bake.  Tina Bester started with the Apple, Ginger & Caramel Tart then moved onto the Chocolate & Pear Tart and ended with the Red Velvet & Cream Cheese Cupcakes.  She showed us step by step how to create and we could ask questions anytime.  Watching her make these baked goodies made our mouths water.  Once the demonstrations were over we moved outside to tables laid out with the baked tarts and cupcakes.  Tasting Time!!  My favourite was the Chocolate & Pear Tart with the Apple, Ginger & Caramel Tart coming a close second. 

Tina Bester's books were available to purchase.  She has done five books : "Bake", "Jampacked", "Celebrate", "Comfort" and "Fun in the Kitchen".  After the tastings Good Housekeeping did a lucky draw and Inge was a lucky lady to receive a Moirs hamper.

What a wonderful afternoon with food and friends.  The next time I see Inge and Faeema will be at #CookieSwop3 and I really look forward to seeing all the cookies people have made.

Contact details : Val Adamson Photography
                           The Benjamin
                           Good Housekeeping

Oh yes ...... we cannot forget the goodie bag ..................


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  1. Only seeing this now! Haha there is me stuffing my face as usual.