Monday, 9 September 2013

Guru Girl Spring Launch

Laura and I attended the Guru Girl Spring Launch on Saturday night at the Durban Art Gallery.  I first came across Guru Girl at the I Heart Market when I was looking for a gift for Laura's birthday.  I was walking around admiring all the genius people that sell at this incredible market, when I spotted a table with brightly coloured clothes.  So I had to stop and look.  The table had t-shirts, shorts, pencil cases and other items.  It had got to the stage where I couldn't really buy clothes for Laura as she had her own ideas of what she liked, but when I saw Sock Island I knew she would love them.  Sock Island is two completely different socks that are then paired together.  Great! I had an extra gift.  Behind the table was a bright, happy and beautiful woman who introduced herself to me as Beverley.  We had a wonderful chat and I enjoyed meeting her, but I thought that was that.  You come across many people in life that you can have a brief chat with then you carry on never seeing that person again.  Obviously it didn't happen this time!!

Laura first saw Guru Girl at the 2012 ECR House & Garden Show when we went as a family.  She was very impressed with all she saw.  She especially loved the t-shirt bags and bought one straight away.  I had extra complimentary tickets so I took my mother to the show the next week and Laura came again.  She was wearing her Sock Island socks and carrying her t-shirt bag.  We stopped at Guru Girl again and Beverley was there.  Had a wonderful chat and Beverley took a picture of Laura.

Since then we have seen Beverley at the I Heart Market and the Wonder Market.  We were thrilled to accept the invite to the Spring Launch.

We arrived at 6pm and gave our names and collected our goodie bag.  Laura went to collect popcorn and helped herself at the candy buffet.  I had a delicious chocolate cupcake.  We found seats and I left Laura there while I went to see what was on a display table.  Two lovely ladies from Jennifer Eales skin care and body therapy clinic showed me the new Dermalogica Clean Start skin care range for teens.  The samples in the goodie bag were Brighten Up SPF15, Ready Set Scrub and Bedtime for Breakouts.  I'm going to get my son to try these out on his skin.  I then tried out Sprayology (homeopathic and vitamin oral sprays).  The two I tried were the multi-vitamin and the MenoPower (because 40 and flushing). 

Showtime!!!  Jane Linley-Thomas of East Coast Radio welcomed us all to the show and gave us a few rules - No leaning against the walls - Artwork!!!  Then she introduced a lovely young lady named Kianja who entertained us with two songs.  WOW!! What an incredible voice.  Then it was Guru Girl fashion time.  We so enjoyed the young models and their different personalities.  The shy, the bold, the bouncy.  Some models held signs such as YAY, Guru Girl, Fun, Dance, Smile.  The clothes were bright and movement friendly (so movement friendly that I failed to get a good photo of the models).  There were flippy skirts, short and long sleeved t-shirts, stretch pants, onesies, hoodies and swimming costumes.  I heard my wallet moaning in pain as Laura exclaimed over the outfits.

Congratulations Beverley GuruGirl Burne and your team on a fun and fabulous Spring Launch!!!

Please go to the Guru Girl website to see their gorgeous clothes and to see where you can purchase from.  Guru Girl clothes are available in a city near you or you can purchase online.  Support this local, fun and fabulous fashion brand.

Oh yes...... we really can't forget ....... the goodie bag!!

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