Monday, 16 September 2013


On Saturday I attended the first Cookie Swap event that Durban has held.  The event was organized by Verushka Ramasami and Faeema at Piatto in Florida Road.

I gave Inge Loker a lift to the venue as it made more sense to go in one car.  We managed to get great parking just over the road from Piatto (actually right next to The Benjamin Hotel).  Inge and I were the first to arrive - Time management!!! (gives herself a noddy badge)

We greeted Verushka and Faeema and were introduced to their mothers.  Payed our R50, received our name tags and placed our cookies on the table.  Inge and I chose our seating and got the cameras out - you all know!!! Blogging!!! 

Auction Items
We chatted while we waited for everyone to arrive.  Once everyone was there Verushka welcomed us and then Faeema spoke about who Cookie Swap were raising funds for (Khayelitsha Cookies).  Then it was time for the most important part - oohing and aahing over the cookies and sampling.
Yummy Cookies (mine are bottom right)

My Sample Plate
While we were sampling Faeema did a raffle draw and then an auction was held.  I bid on the Philosophia Botanica items but lost out to @aditilachman , then I bid on the Rain Africa but lost out to Theresa from @TheDBNite.  Yes, yes I did manage to get something!!  I won the bid on the Clicks Love to Bake items - sorry Inge.
Disappearing Cookies
 After the auction we did lots more chatting and then did the actual cookie swap.  Lots of yummy cookies to full our containers for home.  I had a lot of fun and can't wait for next year to do it again.  Thanks to Verushka and Faeema for your fab organizing.
As usual..... the goodie bag .......

If you saw the picture of the goodie bag on Inge's blog you will notice that the 2 packets of Hello Panda are missing - they were 'kid'-napped.  Rain Africa very generously donated a beautiful soap and a R25 voucher for the new Gateway shop - guess where I am going soon!!

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