Monday, 30 September 2013

Sunday Tribune Garden Show

Yesterday we had a wonderful family outing to the Sunday Tribune Garden Show in Pietermaritzburg.  We don't always go to the show as it is quite expensive to buy four tickets.  At R50 per ticket = R200!!  Fortunately this year I had won 2 tickets through the Sunday Tribune so we had to pay just R100.  I despair because as my kids get older I have to pay the adult price for them.  This year I had to pay the adult price for my 12 year old daughter as the R35 ticket price was only for kids up to 11.
Our first stop was at Café Pronto as we came through the gates.  They make really delish cappuccinos!!  So it was cappy for me and a hot chocolate for Laura.  Caleb went to dinky donuts.  Very important to have coffee when wandering around the show.

We always go into the main hall first to look at the garden displays.  It amazes me what gardeners come up with for their gardens and this year was no exception.

These are my favourites :



It is so relaxing walking around the show looking at the gardens, plants, stalls and people.  The kids had chip n' dip and of course Neil and I had to steal some chips from them.  Also had another cappy from the Coffeeberry Café.  We didn't buy any plants, we rarely do.  I did make notes about a screening plant that we liked and will probably get.

I did buy a gorgeous bunch of Waratah Proteas from The Ruby Orchard.  They have a shop in Howick at 4 Shafton Road.  You can also find them on Facebook They are a furniture, gift and home décor store.  Beautiful items!!!

So that was our garden show excursion.  I loved it all but the best was yet to come .......

I got Neil to take us to The Liberty Midlands Mall as I just HAD HAD HAD HAD to visit the Typo shop. EEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

I first saw Typo when my sister took me to the Sandton store in March and I have been a Typo fanatic since then.  Cannot wait until a Typo opens closer to us as it will be too expensive to drive to Maritzburg to get my fix.  Bought flip clock for Laura, moustache earphones for Caleb, eye mask for Laura's friend.  For me : book, pen, stamp, Cotton On bag and cookie stamp.

My next blog post will feature Rollin Vintage who I have been following on Facebook and Twitter and who also had a stand at the show  - Stay Tuned!!!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

South African Bloggers - We Blog For Love Launch Event


 Last night I was thrilled to be able to attend the South African Bloggers We Blog for Love launch event in Durban.

Inge Loker ( gave me a lift to the venue.

The event was held at The XEF a coffee, art and music café situated at 124 Florida Road Morningside Durban. (The pizzas were so yummy delicious!!)  The staff and owner were also so friendly and helpful.  Fantastic first event guys!!

I knew three ladies attending the event - Inge Loker, Hazel Whitehead ( and Faeema Sader ( I was very excited to meet new people and we certainly did that!! 

We met Cath Jenkin (@cathjenkin) who I have been following on twitter for quite some time, Phillipa Rowney (, Megan Deane ( and Lee-Anne Geldenhuys who was representing Hello Pretty (  Also met a lovely lady from I Love Durban ( - sorry I should have written down her name.  I can be so bad at remembering names.

Inge, Faeema and Hazel

 The event was organized and hosted by Sandile "Sandy" Nene who is also the founder of South African Bloggers.  Sandy told us that his first introduction into blogging was in 2011 and he started his blog in 2012.  Sandy saw a need for support for South African bloggers and a place where they could get help.  A place also where they could get tips and feel that the blogging they do is worth it. That they are worth it.

Sandile "Sandy" Nene

It was a fabulous evening filled with laughter, great food, fun and fantastic people.  I'm sorry that I did not get a chance to meet all the people there.  Maybe at another event?? 

 I look forward to more events like this and I know that South African Bloggers is going to grow from strength to strength with this vibrant man at its helm.

 After all We Blog for Love - Don't we??

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Exhaustion of Gateway

I have just returned (okay so more than an hour ago) from a trip to Gateway with my two kids.  Very grateful that it was just the two of them and no friends, otherwise I would not be writing this post (collapsed on bed would have been it).  Mmmm which would have been difficult as I washed the bedding early this morning and have yet to make the bed.

Firstly we took a trip to our local petrol station to give the car a very expensive drink.  Then it was on the road and negotiating crazy drivers and other slow vehicles in the fast lane.  I'm thankful to say we arrived at our destination with driver, passengers and Mr T (the car) intact.  Oh yes! We had to wait through FOUR robots to get through the main intersection before Gateway - FOUR!!!  I was of course thrilled at the wasting of the expensive diesel that I had just put in.

Okay! You are all ready for what we did??

First stop when entering was to go to CNA.  This was Caleb's request as he wanted to look at an xbox game and controller that was on special.  I will put you out of your misery, we did buy it later after he had got the go ahead from Neil.  We are keeping it for his birthday - 16!!!!!!!!! At the end of October.

Next it was up to the arcade area.  Caleb went action karting and Laura went on this 4D theatre experience thing.  Then it was Wakaberry!! We sat down for that and it was delicious.  Neil has been working at Gateway upgrading/changing the fire detection system and has meetings at Gloria Jeans (coffee).  Unfortunately he wasn't there today but he did give me his frequent sipper card which was full so I got a free coffee!!! *Cue music here*  I chose a delicious Café Mocha - yummy.

Then we looked in Mr Price Home, BT Games and I paid in money into a Nedbank account (The Thrift Collection on Facebook - clothes that Laura chose).  I managed to get into Rain Africa and I think I must have spent about 30 minutes there.  Oooohhh lovely aromas.  I bought  a diffuser fragrance and a hand cream to keep in my bag and another item of which I cannot say as i'm including it in Imka's #bandwagonbox.  Was fantastic as I got R25.00 off my purchase with the voucher I received from #CookieSwap3. The kids went to look in Musica while I was in Rain.  Then they decided that they wanted McDonald's - they paid with their money.

After McDonald's Caleb went to look in Mr Price Sport and Sportsman's Warehouse.  Then I had Laura begging and begging me to take her back up to the arcade area as she wanted to go on the bumper cars.  So we walked and walked back up there. Shew!!  She went by herself on a bumper car and enjoyed herself so much she had to go again.  The second time she got her brother to also go.  Then Caleb and I had Wakaberry again.  By that time I had sore feet and wanted to go home.  Managed to get the kids out, paid parking and left.

Got through the crazy traffic again and was going to come straight home but remembered we needed milk and other items.  So we had to stop at our favourite Superspar in Kloof. 

Finally, finally arrived home.

So that was the exhaustion of Gateway and now I need to get new bedding out of the cupboard and to get the washed bedding off the washline.  A mother's work never ends.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

No Kids

Neil and I have been having a honeymoon!!  Well at least a mini one.  Schools closed on Friday and Caleb left for a cricket tour with the first team to Eshowe.  I wasn't sure how long I would be at Caleb's school getting his bag to him, so my parents fetched Laura from school.

After dropping off his things I went to Hillcrest Corner to spend my thank you points from Edgars, was not going to waste those!  I bought Laura the new Barbie DVD and got R52.00 off it.  Then I went to Red Square and spent the R105.00 in thank you points on two items and only had to pay in R35.00.

Then I went to have lunch with my parents and drop off Laura's bag as she was going to stay the night.  My sister was also arriving from Jhb with her son Joshua and he would be thrilled to see his cousin.  I came home and did some washing and the house was so quiet.  When Neil came home from work he was keen to go get something to eat but we didn't know where.  He thought maybe a burger and I was just going to leave it up to him to decide.  We headed into Hillcrest and Neil decided on Mugg & Bean but at the last moment changed his mind and drove into Hillgate Centre.  There is a restaurant there called Papa Giovanni's that we have seen from the road but never thought of trying.  So we decided to give it a try.

It was a chilly rainy night and their storm blinds were closed so we had to unzip to get in.  It was warm inside and only two tables were taken.  We sat against a wall at a two seater table and a very friendly waiter gave us the menu.  Neil and I don't drink alcohol, just a personal choice, so we ordered our favourite Appletiser.  Now to decide what to eat.  An extensive menu with starters, pizzas, pastas, chicken and meat options.  We decided to have a starter, My Goodness!! A meal on it's own!!  I had a Prawn Trio (No! not three prawns) garlic prawn tails topped with a creamy cheddar & parmesan sauce grilled with mozzarella and served with pita bread.  Neil ordered Calamari Rings in a light creamy garlic and paprika sauce and also served with pita bread.  The waiter brought our starters and they were served in small deep bowls.  Sorry no photos did not expect to enjoy the food so much!  I promise to take photos next time and there will be a next time.  When we ordered the starters we had also ordered our mains.  Neil had asked the waiter what pizza he liked and he said the Peperoncini (mozzarella, chicken, bacon, feta and sweet chilli sauce).  I felt like lasagne so I had ordered beef lasagne.  Well! After having our starters we were quite full.  There was fortunately a bit of a break between the starters and mains so we could relax.  We were amazed at the amount of pizzas going out the door as take-aways.  Ten boxes then four boxes then six boxes.  The funny thing is that a Scooters Pizza is two shops down.  So Neil had high hopes for his pizza and I am glad to tell you it lived up to his expectations.  Thin crispy base with lots of toppings and an incredible taste.  My lasagne came to the table still bubbling it was so fresh.  A really good lasagne of which I was only able to have a quarter of since I was too full from the starter.  Neil managed to have nearly all his pizza only three slices left.  Would have loved to try the pudding but alas no room.  A fabulous meal in a fabulous cosy restaurant.

So that was our Friday night and it was home to tea, watch news and bed in a very quiet house.

Saturday morning did not dawn bright and clear.  In fact it was still chilly and rainy.  We had a wedding to attend in Durban, a guy that works with Neil.  We left home just after 9:30am and the wedding was set to start at 10:30am.  It was held at Glenwood Community Church in Glenwood Durban.  A lovely ceremony and we really enjoyed the pastor who reminded Neil and I of our wedding over 19 years ago. They had an intimate gathering after the service in the church hall with delicious snacks which Neil took advantage of.  He does love good snacks!  We mostly chatted to the other company people but I did go talk to the pastor and to the bride's brother who lives in Dundee where I lived for a couple of years in my youth.  (That make me sound ancient "in my youth").  We left after 12pm and I pleaded with Neil to take me to Alles.  It is a second hand shop in an old house in Davenport Road.  Caron the woman who owns the shop has a beautiful range of furniture and other things.  I had a lovely look around but didn't buy anything.  There were also an extensive range of second hand clothes that I will have to take Laura to see.

We headed home to feed dogs and decide whether we would attend the rugby or not.  Cold and rainy would not be good for live rugby watching.  I had won two tickets for this match so it was not that we would be wasting money if we didn't go.  We were home for about 30 minutes and Neil said we should just chance it and see what happens weather wise.  I changed out of my wedding finery and into warm pants and jacket.  We also took a blanket with.  I'm very glad that we decided to go as we had so much fun and laughter.  The game was good and the Sharks played well.  But the best part was watching the crowd.  The Natal Mounted Rifles band was in the stand above us with their instruments and in their kilts.  The Military Tattoo was also this weekend so they must have headed there after the game.  Every time the Sharks scored a try they would play a song and the Sharks scored often! 

Our favourite person to watch was a crazy Cheetah fan.  He was sitting on a chair close to the field with a beer jug in one hand and a microphone in the other.  It was take a drink of beer then "commentate" into the microphone.  When the beer was finished he would gaze forlornly into the bottom of the jug and then look around and call to people that it was empty.  People would then donate beer to him and he was happy again.  When women walked past him he would also get up and copy their walk.  Neil and I could not stop laughing.  A fun game and crowd and the Sharks won!!

Back to our quiet house and we had Papa Giovanni's leftovers for supper.

Presenting the crazy Cheetah fan..........


Monday, 16 September 2013

Custard Biscuits

This recipe was the one my Grandmother always used with her SAWA automatic biscuit maker.  She used to live in Hibberdene and we would often visit her in the July school holidays.  She made them in many different shapes usually with a bit of cherry in the centre.

I spent days trying to decide what to make for the cookie swap and it was my hubby that suggested that I use the biscuit maker.  I decided to do filled biscuits and used a filling found in a recipe book from Neil's Mom. 

113g Butter
113g Margarine (I use Stork Bake)
1 cup Sugar
3 cups Flour
1/2 cup Maizena (cornflour)
1/2 cup Custard Powder
2 Eggs
Vanilla Essence

Cream the butter and margarine with sugar.  Add the eggs and essence.  Sieve the dry ingredients, add and mix well until the consistency of soft putty.  Place in the biscuit maker and press out onto a baking tray.  Bake for 15 - 18 minutes at 180C.

Notes : I used my Kenwood to mix the dough
            I think Clicks have a biscuit maker.
            Used cooking spray on the baking trays.
            Please watch the biscuits they should be pale yellow when cooked, don't let them brown

Filling :

2 tablespoons butter
1 1/2 cups Icing Sugar
Vanilla Essence

Mix the butter with the icing sugar using an automatic beater.  Add in the vanilla essence and then a little milk.  Add enough milk so that the filling is spreadable.

Once the biscuits are cool sandwich them together with the filling.



On Saturday I attended the first Cookie Swap event that Durban has held.  The event was organized by Verushka Ramasami and Faeema at Piatto in Florida Road.

I gave Inge Loker a lift to the venue as it made more sense to go in one car.  We managed to get great parking just over the road from Piatto (actually right next to The Benjamin Hotel).  Inge and I were the first to arrive - Time management!!! (gives herself a noddy badge)

We greeted Verushka and Faeema and were introduced to their mothers.  Payed our R50, received our name tags and placed our cookies on the table.  Inge and I chose our seating and got the cameras out - you all know!!! Blogging!!! 

Auction Items
We chatted while we waited for everyone to arrive.  Once everyone was there Verushka welcomed us and then Faeema spoke about who Cookie Swap were raising funds for (Khayelitsha Cookies).  Then it was time for the most important part - oohing and aahing over the cookies and sampling.
Yummy Cookies (mine are bottom right)

My Sample Plate
While we were sampling Faeema did a raffle draw and then an auction was held.  I bid on the Philosophia Botanica items but lost out to @aditilachman , then I bid on the Rain Africa but lost out to Theresa from @TheDBNite.  Yes, yes I did manage to get something!!  I won the bid on the Clicks Love to Bake items - sorry Inge.
Disappearing Cookies
 After the auction we did lots more chatting and then did the actual cookie swap.  Lots of yummy cookies to full our containers for home.  I had a lot of fun and can't wait for next year to do it again.  Thanks to Verushka and Faeema for your fab organizing.
As usual..... the goodie bag .......

If you saw the picture of the goodie bag on Inge's blog you will notice that the 2 packets of Hello Panda are missing - they were 'kid'-napped.  Rain Africa very generously donated a beautiful soap and a R25 voucher for the new Gateway shop - guess where I am going soon!!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Guru Girl Spring Launch

Laura and I attended the Guru Girl Spring Launch on Saturday night at the Durban Art Gallery.  I first came across Guru Girl at the I Heart Market when I was looking for a gift for Laura's birthday.  I was walking around admiring all the genius people that sell at this incredible market, when I spotted a table with brightly coloured clothes.  So I had to stop and look.  The table had t-shirts, shorts, pencil cases and other items.  It had got to the stage where I couldn't really buy clothes for Laura as she had her own ideas of what she liked, but when I saw Sock Island I knew she would love them.  Sock Island is two completely different socks that are then paired together.  Great! I had an extra gift.  Behind the table was a bright, happy and beautiful woman who introduced herself to me as Beverley.  We had a wonderful chat and I enjoyed meeting her, but I thought that was that.  You come across many people in life that you can have a brief chat with then you carry on never seeing that person again.  Obviously it didn't happen this time!!

Laura first saw Guru Girl at the 2012 ECR House & Garden Show when we went as a family.  She was very impressed with all she saw.  She especially loved the t-shirt bags and bought one straight away.  I had extra complimentary tickets so I took my mother to the show the next week and Laura came again.  She was wearing her Sock Island socks and carrying her t-shirt bag.  We stopped at Guru Girl again and Beverley was there.  Had a wonderful chat and Beverley took a picture of Laura.

Since then we have seen Beverley at the I Heart Market and the Wonder Market.  We were thrilled to accept the invite to the Spring Launch.

We arrived at 6pm and gave our names and collected our goodie bag.  Laura went to collect popcorn and helped herself at the candy buffet.  I had a delicious chocolate cupcake.  We found seats and I left Laura there while I went to see what was on a display table.  Two lovely ladies from Jennifer Eales skin care and body therapy clinic showed me the new Dermalogica Clean Start skin care range for teens.  The samples in the goodie bag were Brighten Up SPF15, Ready Set Scrub and Bedtime for Breakouts.  I'm going to get my son to try these out on his skin.  I then tried out Sprayology (homeopathic and vitamin oral sprays).  The two I tried were the multi-vitamin and the MenoPower (because 40 and flushing). 

Showtime!!!  Jane Linley-Thomas of East Coast Radio welcomed us all to the show and gave us a few rules - No leaning against the walls - Artwork!!!  Then she introduced a lovely young lady named Kianja who entertained us with two songs.  WOW!! What an incredible voice.  Then it was Guru Girl fashion time.  We so enjoyed the young models and their different personalities.  The shy, the bold, the bouncy.  Some models held signs such as YAY, Guru Girl, Fun, Dance, Smile.  The clothes were bright and movement friendly (so movement friendly that I failed to get a good photo of the models).  There were flippy skirts, short and long sleeved t-shirts, stretch pants, onesies, hoodies and swimming costumes.  I heard my wallet moaning in pain as Laura exclaimed over the outfits.

Congratulations Beverley GuruGirl Burne and your team on a fun and fabulous Spring Launch!!!

Please go to the Guru Girl website to see their gorgeous clothes and to see where you can purchase from.  Guru Girl clothes are available in a city near you or you can purchase online.  Support this local, fun and fabulous fashion brand.

Oh yes...... we really can't forget ....... the goodie bag!!

Friday, 6 September 2013


This post is especially to thank Heather de Bruin (@heatherdeBruin) for my fabulous, incredible and fantastic blog logo.  Eight days ago I was sitting in my car waiting for my son to finish tennis when I received a DM from Heather telling me "surprise check your mail".  About 10 minutes later my phone pinged to tell me I had mail.  I opened it up to discover this message :

Hi Nicola

I am a graphic designer and I know how hard it is when you start out.

Thought I would do something for you as a surprise , I hope you like it? Please don't feel obligated to use it.

x x

Kind Regards
Heather de Bruin

I opened up the attachments to discover this fabulous logo in different sizes.  My daughter was sitting next to me and she was oohing and aahing (a big thing to get a 12 year olds approval!)

Let me tell you all a bit about this lovely lady :

Qualified Beauty Therapist with 20 years of working in the Health and Beauty Industry.  Also has 3 years experience in the field of Graphic Design.

Content writer for.....

The Magnifying Glass


Femme Lifestyle


Males Own

The most wonderful thing for me (other than of course the incredible logo) was that she took time out of her busy schedule (Hello!!!! look at the above list!!) to create a logo for me, a complete stranger.

Thank you Heather and God bless you for your kindness (I'm sure He already has).

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Love to Bake

Yesterday I attended the Good Housekeeping Love to Bake Workshop hosted by Tina Bester (Queen of Tarts).  The workshop was sponsored by Clicks and Moirs and was held at The Benjamin Boutique Hotel.  The workshop cost R185.00.

The Benjamin Hotel was founded in 1896 and has 41 double rooms.  It has two conference rooms "Big Ben" and "Little Ben".  It is situated at 141 Florida Road, a bustling vibey road with art galleries, quirky décor shops, restaurants and fashion boutiques.  The Moses Mabhida stadium is about 5 minutes away. 

Inge Loker of Snap, Sizzle & Cook and I came together. It is so much more fun when you know someone at an event.  We were warmly welcomed and filled out our subscription form for our FREE (yes!!) six month subscription to the Good Housekeeping magazine.

We made our way through to where the workshop was being held.  The most delicious eats were being served as well as tea, coffee and fruit juices.  Barely through the door of the workshop area when I heard someone call "Nicola!!"  I looked around to discover that Faeema was also there.  What a lovely surprize!!  So now we were even more merrier.  As we enjoyed the drinks and snacks we felt like celebrities, there were photos being taken (by Val Adamson) and even a guy filming.  A lady from Good Housekeeping (sorry didn't get the name) asked us if we could be filmed answering questions.  NO NO from Faeema and I but Inge was keen so she agreed.  Well little did Faeema and I know!!  We ended up being pushed into doing it to.  So now I can cross being interviewed off my list - no it wasn't on!  We also met Shirley Berko an incredible food blogger.

We were welcomed to the workshop by Carmen Clegg of Good Housekeeping and then by Snowy Kruger from Moirs.  Then it was time to Love to Bake.  Tina Bester started with the Apple, Ginger & Caramel Tart then moved onto the Chocolate & Pear Tart and ended with the Red Velvet & Cream Cheese Cupcakes.  She showed us step by step how to create and we could ask questions anytime.  Watching her make these baked goodies made our mouths water.  Once the demonstrations were over we moved outside to tables laid out with the baked tarts and cupcakes.  Tasting Time!!  My favourite was the Chocolate & Pear Tart with the Apple, Ginger & Caramel Tart coming a close second. 

Tina Bester's books were available to purchase.  She has done five books : "Bake", "Jampacked", "Celebrate", "Comfort" and "Fun in the Kitchen".  After the tastings Good Housekeeping did a lucky draw and Inge was a lucky lady to receive a Moirs hamper.

What a wonderful afternoon with food and friends.  The next time I see Inge and Faeema will be at #CookieSwop3 and I really look forward to seeing all the cookies people have made.

Contact details : Val Adamson Photography
                           The Benjamin
                           Good Housekeeping

Oh yes ...... we cannot forget the goodie bag ..................


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Rain - Created for Living

This morning I stepped out of my comfort zone again, I seem to be doing that a lot lately. 
 I got in my car and drove to Gateway Theatre of Shopping to meet Hazel of Beauty Shout Box (yes this was our first meeting) and to see the new Rain Africa store.
‘In Africa, rain represents life. The arrival of the first rains after the long dry season is celebrated with much thanksgiving. When the rains come the rivers fill, the grass grows, the herds fatten and prosperity blooms. So profound is Africa’s gratitude for rain, that the Sotho people welcome visitors with the expression “Khotso, Pula, Nala” (Peace, Rain, Abundance) as part of their traditional greeting.’
After much delays and difficulties the beautiful new Rain Africa store opened for trade.  We entered through the "trees" and the first thing I experienced was the gorgeous scents.

My nose was constantly twitching and I had to get in closer to identify where the scent was coming from. Lavender, rose and other divine scents.
I love the store layout and the natural décor consisting of stones, tree stump and branches.  They have so many gorgeous products and it is so hard to choose.  I managed to contain myself to buying 2 x bath fizzies and a room/linen mist.  Will report back when I have used them.
Hazel and I had a chat to the franchisee owners Ryan Waters and Yusuf Sheik, who are very excited and proud to be involved with Rain Africa.  With their enthusiasm, beautiful layout and gorgeous products they are sure to be successful.  I'm sure lots of teachers are going to be receiving Rain products as end of year gifts.  Husbands are also going to score major gift giving points with their wives.
Yusuf Sheik and Ryan Waters


Fill out this card for a chance to win

Rain will definitely be seeing me again and friends and family can expect beautifully wrapped gifts.
Thank you Rain and Hazel for a wonderful morning.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Meeting Tree

This morning my hubby and I went to The Meeting Tree market which happens on the first day of every month weather permitting.  What a perfect way to celebrate the first day of Spring.  Incredible weather - blue skies and sunny.  The Meeting Tree is held on a farm with the most amazing view of the Shongweni Dam.  It is a small market with about 15 traders and they also have a jazz band that plays.

Shongweni Dam

Today I bought washi tape and 2 x stamps from Eye Candi and then 3 x bars of soap from Rondavel.  I bought Rondavel's new Juniper Pine soap and 2 x Milk & Honey.

About Rondavel : Handmade soap & balm in KZN Midlands. They use only natural, sustainable & local ingredients to make nourishing products. Their packaging is biodegradable or reusable.  Look for Rondavel on Facebook.  You can also find them at their new shop : Shop 3 The Junction Nottingham Road.

I wish I could attach the smell of their soap to this post.

Kate from Rondavel

As you can see the market is held under the pine trees with bunting strung between.  Before we left we bought chicken strips and strips & tjips from Afro's Chicken.  Hubby and I shared the strips & tjips (chips) and we took the strips home for Laura.  We also had a refreshing homemade lemonade.

Was so relaxing I really didn't feel like doing any work at home.  Unfortunately two cars were in need of a wash and vacuum and I still have to sort through the ironing basket.

I had better get the coffee brewing ................

Rugby - Sharks vs Bulls

Last week our local paper Hillcrest Fever was running a competition on their Facebook page for tickets to the rugby.  We are cricket lovers but we do keep up to date with how the Sharks are faring and we do watch the Springboks.  So I mentioned to my son about the competition and he said to enter, so I did.  The winning names were announced on Friday and I was one of the winners.  I thought that it was for two tickets but when my hubby collected them we discovered it was four.  I expected hubby and son to take another dad and son with, but no, hubby insisted that Laura and I go with.

We left home at 3:30pm and kick off was at 5:05pm.  Got great parking with a car guard and took a short walk to the stadium.  Navigated the ramps and levels and found our seats which were behind the posts opposite the big screen.  We were hardly there and the ice cream seller came around. So the kids chose Rolo ice cream R30 in total.  Got my R100 out but the guy said he had no change and would come back. 

Watched the Flasher girls, the Sharkettes and then Sharkie lead the Sharks onto the field.  Laura had brought a book with to read as she was not keen on the rugby.  The book never came out!  Laura hung on my arm and was screaming when the Sharks got the ball.  We had a brilliant try scored right in front of us.  We also loved watching the antics of the crowd.  The kids went and bought chip 'n dip which hubby and I stole from.  We were so glad the Sharks won.  Such an enjoyable outing and the weather was incredible. 

The kids were keen to have Mcflurry's but we decided to drive past Wakaberry in Florida Road to see if they were open.  They were, which was a surprise.  The only problem was no parking.  Neil drove up and down about four times then we gave up.

Decided to see if Wakaberry in Kloof was open and it was!  Their opening times are 9am - 9pm.  So the kids and I got Wakaberry deliciousness.  What a great way to end a great evening.

Oh yes ....... the ice cream seller never came back! ?????????????