Thursday, 29 August 2013

This and That

Yesterday I went with my mother to have tea with one of her friends that I have not seen in years.  This lady is gradually downscaling her household goods to prepare for her move to a retirement village.  Lyn is an extremely talented self taught painter.  A few years ago I purchased a watercolour painting of hers.  She was sad to discover many of her watercolour paintings have developed light brown spots on them.  As a result of this she is unable to sell them.  Her solution was to give the paintings to friends and family.  My mother had gone to see her last week and chosen two paintings and yesterday I chose two for myself.  She also showed us her extensive collection of Clivias which she is going to sell.  A few years ago she discovered a new Clivia in her garden and it has been named Lyn's Parfait.  The cost that Clivia lovers pay for an interesting plant is crazy!!!

Today I went to the office to do the job costing, wasn't many invoices to enter.  I then popped into my local Superspar to get a few items.  The most important was the creamed cottage cheese and the condensed milk.  Hubby has been bugging me for cheesecake!! 

So I make the cheesecake and get the lemon pork chops ready for cooking.  Fetch the kids from school, change some items at Mr Price, help my folks move a TV and receive a BBM from hubby. "Working late tonight"  Went ahead and cooked the pork chops but didn't bother with any vegies.

As I sit here typing now I wait to hear his car.  Hope he is home soon.  Poor man is going to be starving!

I think I should look through some recipe books while I wait for him to come home.  I am taking part in #cookieswop3 so I need to decide what I am going to make. Should I make something that I have made before or try something new??  Can't wait to see what others make.  It's going to be fun.

Good night!

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